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May 18 2018

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May 15 2018

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May 10 2018

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Cats Eye - キャッツ・アイ (1983-85)

May 09 2018

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LOS ANGELES — In Robert Colescott’s “Portrait of the Artist at 85,” the late painter, who passed away at 83 in 2009, depicts himself seated in front of a tall, white canvas, applying messy strokes of pinkish cream. A buxom blonde wearing nothing but red heels poses in front of a window. The brushstrokes on the canvas seem distracted and uncoordinated, as if the artist’s hand is less concerned with representing the subject and more interested in acting out some libidinal impulse.

(via Robert Colescott’s Frank Snapshots of Racism and Misogyny in the US)

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May 05 2018

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Bow Down To Her On Sundays

And all days are Sundays.

May 04 2018

May 03 2018

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Pinu 11

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May 01 2018

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April 30 2018

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April 29 2018

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April 28 2018

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Instagram: @droptokyo

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